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Close encounter between an ‘io (Hawaiian hawk) and quadcopter drone

A Hawaiian ‘io hawk decided to check out the quadcopter drone today as it was flying around, testing out some automated takeoff and landing.

The ‘io first circled the rising drone a couple times and then came in close enough for the cheap camera on the drone to capture a closeup image.  I then turned the drone’s camera to face the gulch trees as the ‘io landed in them.

It was a short, exciting encounter — I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ‘io.  Would the hawk attack the drone or just inspect it? In the end the ‘io landed in the trees and preened, apparently satisfied that the drone was harmless.

Papaikou Orchard Overflight with Automated Circular Waypoints

Automated flight using 12 circular waypoints in a rough circle.  Also experimented with altitude and yaw adjustments along the way (these were preprogrammed into the waypoints).  You’ll notice that the drone pauses at some waypoints and not others– I wanted to look at some views I hadn’t been able to see before because the camera is fixed the the front of the drone.